It’s Time International Women’s Conference

It’s Time International Women’s Conference was launched in New York with the mandate to help women ascend to another level in their walk with God. It’s an annual event that brings together dynamic and powerful speakers. You will hear their inspiring yet candid and practical insights on how to rise above barriers that often come to delay, divert or destroy your destiny in Christ. Our aim is to empower individuals to triumph over every one of them.

This is a conference for those who “hear destiny’s call” and know “It’s Time to step out and move upward!”

As one past attendee said: “It’s Time is more than a conference (meet, eat and greet retreat), it’s an experience! The speakers were transparent and powerful. The information given is applicable to all parts of who you are—in the church, workplace, etc.”

Duration: 1 day


22nd May 2021

Cost £15


15.00pm to 19.00pm UK

10.00am to 14.00pm USA



22 May 2021